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Six Words About Parking

Are you familiar with the six-word project that originated at Smith College and launched a movement? The idea is that you can sum up your life in six words. Here’s a six-word example from John Grogan, the journalist who cashed in big with his memoir Marley & Me: “The dumb dog sure paid off.”  There are websites and a growing list of books devoted to this endeavor. Six words about love, six words about work, six words about everything.

IPI’s Parking Matters® program in six words: Changing perceptions about parking through education. That’s six words. And, often that’s about all the chance I get to convince a reporter to write an article about parking or persuade an editor that there is another side to the negative spin on a story in the works.

Here are a few of my favorite six-word sound bites that serve as conversation starters about the importance of parking and the value of parking professionals:

  • Parking professionals focus on customer service.
  • Parking laws: Needed to prevent chaos.
  • Parking problem?  Consult a parking professional.
  • Emerging parking trends: Technology and sustainability.
  • Sustainable communities depend on parking expertise.
  • Prioritize parking in planning urban projects.
  • Parking is integral to urban planning.
  • A successful downtown depends on parking.
  • Economic development hinges on smart parking.
  • Police find criminals via parking violations.
  • Parking First Observers are trained anti-terrorists.
  • Parking is about moving people forward.
  • Technology is driving a parking revolution.
  • Counterintuitive, but parking and sustainability mesh.

One six word request:   Help me add to this list!

About Helen Sullivan

Helen Sullivan is IPI’s communications counsel.


  1. Brad Johnson says:

    It would be nice and it would be refreshing if we could have a blog which honors grammar. For example: “That’s six words.” In fact: “Those are six words.” And why should this matter? We would think that we would like to focus on the basics, and if we cannot get the basics correct, how can we proceed?

  2. Mike says:

    Hi, fyi the six words listed appear to be in whtie font so you cannot see them unles you select the text.

  3. Phil Haughn says:

    I’m sure I paid that ticket

  4. Jean Harris says:

    So, you walk everywhere you go?

  5. Brett Wood says:

    Parking decisions drive everything around us

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