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Parking Barking

Recently my entire parking facility was abuzz with activity from a very large consumer event at the convention center. I was puttering along in my trusty golf kart (the Batmobile), surveying one of the parking lots. Suddenly, I heard a faint yelp coming from a blue SUV. I kicked the Batmobile into reverse and headed back to investigate. As I approached the parked vehicle I found that the yelping sound was actually the bark of a small white poodle mix dog locked in a pet carrier in the back seat. The windows of the vehicle were cracked about two inches and the owner was nowhere to be found.

The good news is that the authorities were called and the pooch was rescued and given water and a much-needed potty break. So here is the bad news… there are still pet owners among us who care enough for their pets to buy them designer collars, fancy pet carriers, and ride them around everywhere they go, but are still willing to leave their pets in lock vehicles on a sunny afternoon for hours. I confess that I was naïve enough to think that no one did this anymore, but I was wrong. This is a public service announcement; the next time you’re perusing your parking facility make sure that your parking is not barking.

About Frank L. Giles

Frank L. Giles is senior project manager at Lanier Parking Solutions and serves on the IPI Advisory Council, Conference Program Committee, and Safety/Security Committee.


  1. Nik says:

    This has happened on our campus a few times, usually during admissions recruitment events which last several hours. Why on earth would anyone bring their pet to an event like that?! It’s very awkward to call the police knowing the driver is a parent of a prospective student, and knowing the family will get upset and likely never come back to your campus. Bad situation all around.

  2. Dennis Burns says:

    Holy Pooper Scoopers Batman! Is there no apect of the human (or canine) condition that parking does not touch? Nice blog Frank!

  3. De says:

    Great blog. I love “Make sure your parking is not barking.” Of all the things you have to be on the watch for (car thieves, violators, improper parking, etc) now this. So, you are a manager, parking attendant, neighborhood watch, police assist and now add animal control to the list.

  4. Well Great blog I realy like it,I am also controling gatwick airport parking and People keeps on leaving there pets in there cars, which creats problem some time.

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