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Parking Looney Tunes

I recently came across this photo hashtagged with #parkingticket on Instagram:

Instagram - What to do

It challenges me as a parking professional. At first blush, it looks like a there is a hard-working commercial delivery driver with a large truck trying to get his load of beverages into a grocery store. Another rig is parked on the private parking lot, taking up a prime delivery spot and making it difficult for the delivery truck to turn around. But then there is that parking meter and the pesky parking enforcement officer, who seems to be issuing a citation.

Maybe there is more to this picture? Perhaps the citation is being issued after the officer asked the driver to drop some coins in the meter? Maybe the parking officer is working on his handheld after issuing another vehicle a citation and just happens to be standing there? Or might the parking officer and the delivery driver be chatting?

What would you do? If you showed this photo to your parking staff, how would they respond? I want to know, and have a simple anonymous online poll for you to take:

My gut tells me, based on the officer’s stance and position relative to the truck, that the vehicle is getting a citation. The delivery driver does not appear to care. Delivery drivers often find getting the ticket worth the efficiency of meeting a tight schedule and ease of this delivery. It’s as we are in this perpetual cartoon of Wile E. Coyote (parking officer) trying to catch the Roadrunner (delivery trucks).

I will follow up with your responses in a later blog!

About Jeff Petry

Jeff Petry manages the City of Eugene’s on-street and off-street parking system. He serves on the IPI Advisory Council and the Sustainability Committee.


  1. Brad Powers says:

    Its the cost of doing business in the city! Also the larger delivery companies negotiate deals with the finance department on their outstanding tickets, so ticket away :-)

  2. Rick Onstott says:

    A well-trained PEO would investigate the following at some point and use his findings to impact his decision:

    - Were the parking meters adjacent to the truck paid?
    - Was there an on street loading zone on the block?
    - Was that loading zone lawfully occupied?
    - Was the loading area in the parking lot of the intended business occupied by an employee’s car?

    Yes, most commercial vehicle owners and driver’s recognize that parking tix are part of the business, but the PEO and his management team should be building a culture of compliance vs. pumping out tickets.

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