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Unique Hospital Challenges

The goal for every hospital parking entity is to increase patient satisfaction. An article that ran in the Cambridge Times last fall clearly described what hospital parking professionals dread the most in their parking operations: unreliable parking equipment.

The delicate balance of collecting revenue while meeting patient expectations is crucial to our business. Therefore, each time a patient or his or her family visits our hospital, they must walk away with the same experience, which includes convenient access to parking and easy pay on exit. Of the many challenges hospital parking professionals encounter, the most common complaints stem from unreliable equipment. Every time an employee has to open a machine to make adjustments means a patron delay and possibly a rate change. Unfortunately, staff are often unable to offer refunds on-site.

Issues that may hamper a visitor’s ability to deal with a life or death situation require a great deal of out-of-the-box thinking. Strategic partnerships with various medical units are required to increase operational efficiency and meet expectations for each visit.

As we look a head, it is critical that we continue to build close relationships with our vendor partners and look to fellow members of IPI as resources for continued and sustain improvements.

What has been your greatest challenge and how did you address it? Comment below.

About Wanda Brown

Wanda Brown is assistant manager for Parking & Transportation Services
at the University of California Davis Health System. She is a member of the
IPI Board of Directors and the IPI Advisory Council, and co-chairs the IPI
Membership Committee.


  1. Helen Sullivan says:

    I had occasion over the past year to frequent a hospital parking facility often. What a wonderful parking attendant who greeted me when I arrived and when I left. It made the whole experience better for me. He never failed to smile and have a pleasant comment. But, there were recurring problems with equipment and I felt this fellow’s pain as he apologized when the system wasn’t working right, or when he was crouched over trying to fix the ticketing equipment, which failed to dispense correctly. I also appreciated the special discount cards the hospital made available — and even waived parking fees for those who had daily appointments. I came to appreciate that hospital parking professionals have special challenges in providing services for people who aren’t always feeling their best, physically or emotionally, and that makes customer service all the more important. It’s wise for hospital management to pay attention – and provide adequate resources –
    to their parking operation.

  2. Dag Kritiansen says:

    I find working with a hospital parking operator pleasant in that the sole focus of our operation is not profit; I find working in such an environment elevates what we do as parking professionals to the level of the ideals and reasonings behind why we do what we do. I believe the main focus in such an environment is to facilitate the customer experience in such a way as to make it easy, flexible and with lots of options and to offer the same experiences to staff and core services.

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