Bill Smith

Get Out Ahead Of Local Parking Coverage

When local papers are running editorials about parking, it’s generally not a good thing. Typically, it means that there’s a problem—or a perceived problem—with local parking. Unfortunately, it’s a lesson that has been learned by dozens of cities. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire … [Read More...]

Christina Onesirosan Martinez

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

For many years, the UK has seen a rise in so called cowboy parking squads. The parking squads issue official-looking £100 tickets, often to drivers just a few minutes late returning to their cars. Elderly and disabled people have been specifically targeted at hospitals and downtown stores. After … [Read More...]

Bruce Barclay

Using Social Media to Assess Your Parking Identity

A question I ask myself from time to time is how the traveling public views the airport’s parking and shuttle service? Is it merely a means to an end or is it viewed as a valuable component to the overall airport experience? As Salt Lake Airport’s parking manager, I believe we are a valuable … [Read More...]

L. Dennis Burns

The Right Frame of Mind

I am sure I am not alone in this: Some days I am sure I have the best job ever! On other days, some old country song about “take this job and shove it” plays over and over in my brain. On the positive days, I appreciate the fact that my job as a parking and transportation consultant provides … [Read More...]