Biden, Flying Cars, and IPI, Oh, My!

What a day for parking here in D.C.! The Washington Post’s first Answers Series event focused on “Fix My Commute” and included a day-long, live stream, and studio audience of policy makers, wonks, and transportation insiders. Vice President Joe Biden, keynoted the event after introducing … [Read More...]

Bill Smith

Are You Prepared For The Phablet Age?

I’m an early adopter. I love toys, especially electronic ones. For the past few years, my favorites have been made by Apple—my Macbook Pro, iPad, and iPhone. So it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’ve already picked up an iPhone 6. I think I showed great restraint by … [Read More...]

Rachel_Yoka 2013

Greening, but Still Critical

The millennials will change everything right?  This next generation will change the way we live, transforming buying habits, working patterns, and transportation choices. In a recent interview with a Huffington Post reporter, IPI staff discussed this massive generational change that is coming … [Read More...]

Brett Wood

Parking Matters® at the Local Level

I just got back from the Southwest Parking & Transportation Association (SWPTA) conference in fabulous Las Vegas. The conference was a blast and very rewarding given all the work that went into it. I’ve served on the SWPTA board for the last three years, with the last two as vice-president and … [Read More...]