Kid in a Candy Store

That’s me. A kid in a candy store this week as I began what I consider total fun—pouring over the results of IPI’s Emerging Trends in Parking Survey and beginning to crunch the numbers, while looking out my window here in D.C. at the sno-caps, even though the calendar says March. As in past … [Read More...]

Bruce Barclay

Winter Snow and Parking

Looking out at the almost whiteout conditions on the runways at Salt Lake City International Airport, I am amazed that the planes have clearance to take off and land. Weather-wise, we have been extremely fortunate this winter compared to the Northeast, Midwest, and even the Southern U.S. Until this … [Read More...]

L. Dennis Burns

Urban Engines, the Connected Traveler and Leveraging Parking and Access Management

Innovation in the form of mobile apps is nothing new. Statistics regarding the number of apps available for download in leading app stores in July 2014 totaled more than 3.1 million! An increasing number of these apps has specific parking and transportation components, and others have a focus on … [Read More...]

Mark Wright

Once Upon a Time in Washington, D.C.

Sales guru Dan Pink describes what he calls a Pixar Pitch: a six-step formula based on one of former Pixar story artist Emma Coats’ 22 storytelling rules: Once upon a time. Every day. One day. Because of that. Because of that. Until finally. In his book, To Sell Is Human, Pink … [Read More...]