Dave Feehan

One Size Fits All?

My wife and I just returned from a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We parked in the daily garage at Dulles International Airport, and I happened to notice the growing number of very small cars in the facility--Smarts, Fiat 500s, Kia Souls, Minis, and many others. One Smart was parked next to a … [Read More...]

L. Dennis Burns

Mobility as Service

I recently embarked on a new area of research: multi-modal mobility as a service (as opposed to a product one might own). This brings together many elements from the fields of transportation and mobility, emerging technologies, environmental sustainability, changing demographic trends, and … [Read More...]

Christina Onesirosan Martinez

The Changing Face (and Terminology) of British Parking

As I sat down at the annual British Parking Awards in London (UK) last month, one particular category caught my attention: The Front Line Award. The organizers announced that the new category was created to reflect the unfortunate hostile climate faced by those working on the ground in the … [Read More...]

Mark Wright

Property Owners Asked: How Safe Is Your Parking Lot?

Does a nose-in parking configuration present safety risks? Are wheel stops enough to keep a vehicle from crashing forward into a building? How might demographics help influence parking lot safety planning? These are just some of the questions that have been posed to commercial real estate … [Read More...]