Shawn Conrad

Play Ball, and Let’s Keep it Safe

I love sports, all sports. I enjoy playing, watching, and following my favorite teams. In the Washington, D.C., area, we have many teams to follow that are just a short drive away— professional football, baseball, hockey, and basketball teams. We also can follow games at the University of … [Read More...]


Your Great Idea: Ready to Swim with the Sharks?

I visited South Korea when I was a kid and have many fond memories of the people, places and food there. But I have one vivid memory of my travels that has to do with transportation. Our family of six was all crammed in a taxi van driving through downtown Seoul on our first day there. It was … [Read More...]

Christina Onesirosan Martinez

U.K Parking Issues Loom Large in Elections

Before I begin, let me state that it is an election year in the U.K., and we are now in the last 100 days period. This means that politicians from all sides of the political spectrum are no doubt feeling the pressure to announce crowd-pleasing initiatives. Secretary of State for Communities and … [Read More...]

Wanda Brown

Cha-Ching—Chasing after Parking

Growing up in St. Mary Parish in Louisiana, I got a chance to see a number of great examples of hospitality toward your neighbor. There was always someone you could call to get a ride (free of charge of course) to go to a doctor’s appointment or to the grocery store or even to church. Little did … [Read More...]