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Become an Authority Figure

When I was in college way back in the 20th century, bumper stickers and tee shirts suggesting that we Question Authority were in vogue. Authority figures were anathema, not to be trusted or followed. (Come to think of it, things may not have changed so much—my kids still behave this way!) In … [Read More...]


Are You Ready?

It’s a drill we’re not unfamiliar with in the greater Washington, D.C. area: stock up on batteries, sweep outside drains clear, add a few bottles of water to the grocery cart, just in case. Yesterday, I did all of those things plus buy ingredients for meals that can be prepared on my gas stove, … [Read More...]

Dave Feehan

Can a Downtown Organization Manage Parking?

I recently had a couple of inquiries from colleagues asking me if I knew of any downtown organizations or business improvement districts (BIDs) that managed downtown parking. I was immediately reminded of a brief report I wrote in 2010 on the subject for a client, and was able to send her a copy of … [Read More...]

L. Dennis Burns

Parking: An Industry Poised for Disruption?

It’s a little funny looking back, but at one point in my career when I decided to stay in the parking industry, I remember thinking about whether there were any significant threats to parking as an industry. At the time, my primary alternative was the healthcare field, which in my opinion was in … [Read More...]