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Airplane Sushi

Airplane sushi. Sounds like the name of a hippie jam band … or just a really bad idea. It’s OK to have a bad idea. It’s just less OK to choose the bad idea.  Or is it? You don’t know unless you try, right? That’s the glass-half-full in me. I’m not a livin’-on-the-edge type of gal, but … [Read More...]

Bonnie Watts

Making New Friends At Any Age

  It’s hard to make new friends, and making friends later in life is even harder. Gone are the days of lifelong friendships with your after-school sports teammate or college roommate—the kind where the only thing you have in common (at first) is shared proximity. Add work and family … [Read More...]


Meet the Cookie Thief

Some people collect dolls, postcards, baseball caps, corks, stamps, coins, snow globes, vinyl albums (yes, they’re back!), or numerous other collectibles. I collect poems. One poem I just discovered is particularly enchanting and includes a life lesson. It originally appeared in Chicken Soup … [Read More...]

Casey Jones 4x5 (2)

Thinking Big

We often drive a lot during the holiday season to visit friends and family up north. If I’m not concentrating on fending off the 18-wheeler that seems to enjoy my lane more than his, these drives give me time to think. I spend at least some of the seven-hour trip reflecting on the passing year and … [Read More...]