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Black Friday: Parking Myths and Realities

Are you ready for Black Friday parking traffic? Not so fast—a new research report says what we believe about traffic the day after Thanksgiving may not be based in fact. INRIX, a big-data technology company, released its Thanksgiving Travel Forecast yesterday, and it predicts a 63 percent Black … [Read More...]

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The Lost Ticket: But How Does it End?

I think of myself as an optimist. Keeping that in mind, let’s say I recently “created the opportunity” to fully experience the effect of losing my airport parking ticket/gate coupon. Perhaps a few of you have experienced that same sense of dread when you’ve frantically searched for that … [Read More...]

Frank L. Giles

Control Alt Delete: Rebooting Management

Back in 2013, I wrote an article for The Parking Professional entitled, “Whistles and Pom-Poms.” The article focused on the dual nature of a good manager (cheerleader and coach) and how to balance those characteristics to better support and grow staff. Since the article ran, I’ve not only had … [Read More...]



So many things in daily life require renewing. We renew our passports, driver’s licenses, leases, subscriptions, health benefits at open enrollment, wedding vows, and of course our New Year’s resolutions! Why do we do this? Well, according to the dictionary, renew (a verb) means to make … [Read More...]